Frequently Asked Questions

This all depends on the type and size of the repair but in all cases you will be given an estimated completion time from our engineer when a full damage estimate has been conducted.

The provided completion date may be liable to change depending upon the availability of the required parts for your vehicle.

Yes, these repairs can be carried out alongside the insurance claim and likewise if an insurance excess applies, payment must be made before the vehicle can be released.

If you had a non-fault accident you may be entitled to a replacement like-for-like vehicle.

When this is not the case we can supply a courtesy car free for the duration of the repair providing your policy allows this.

In the majority of cases the insurance for the courtesy car is covered by your own policy. This means that if you are the single policy holder with no additional authorised drivers, you will be the only person authorised to drive the courtesy car.
Yes, you will be expected to leave the vehicle back with the same level of fuel in it as was in the car when you first got it. Failure to do so will result in charges being issued accordingly.
In the unfortunate event of having an accident, the same terms and conditions in most cases apply to your own insurance policy, including any excess payable. Please contact us immediately .
We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and ensure that all excess paints and related materials are disposed of in a way which is coherent with the latest legislation.


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